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Understanding Bed Rotting: The New Self-Care Trend on TikTok

Updated: Jul 21, 2023


In the dynamic world of social media trends, a new phenomenon called "bed rotting" has emerged, particularly among Generation Z. This trend, gaining significant traction on platforms like TikTok, involves users consciously choosing to spend an entire day in bed as a form of self-care. But what exactly is bed rotting, and how does it impact mental and physical health?

A Generation Z individual lying in bed, eating chips and watching something on a laptop, embodying the 'bed rotting' trend.
Embracing the 'bed rotting' trend: A Gen Z'er finds comfort and relaxation in a day spent in bed, complete with snacks and entertainment.

What is Bed Rotting?

Bed rotting, a term popularized on TikTok, refers to the act of staying in bed all day, partaking in immobile activities such as sleeping, watching TV, or being on the phone. It is not linked to illness recovery, but is seen by some as a form of self-care and a way to manage stress or anxiety. This unique approach to self-care has sparked a lot of conversation, with many embracing it as a way to recharge, while others express concern about its potential impacts.

The Impact of Bed Rotting on Mental and Physical Health

While some people view bed rotting as a beneficial way to reclaim physical and mental health, health experts warn that it can have negative impacts if done excessively. Spending too much time in bed can disrupt your mood, increase stress, and negatively affect your sleep hygiene. Moreover, prolonged periods in bed could potentially indicate different mental health issues, as this behavior has been linked to symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The Importance of Balanced Self-Care

Self-care is undoubtedly important, and everyone has their own unique ways of practicing it. However, it's crucial to maintain a balance. While it's okay to have a lazy day in bed occasionally, it's equally important to engage in other activities that can help you recharge and cope with stress.

Activities such as socializing with friends, exercising, or practicing mindfulness can be beneficial. These activities not only help to break the monotony but also contribute to better physical and mental health.

In conclusion, while bed rotting has become a popular trend among Generation Z as a form of self-care, it's important to approach it with caution. Like any other activity, moderation is key. It's perfectly fine to enjoy a lazy day in bed every now and then, but it's equally important to ensure that it doesn't become a habit that negatively impacts your mental and physical health. Remember, self-care is about doing what's best for you, and that includes a healthy balance of rest and activity.



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