There are currently over 140 FDA approved oral sleep appliances. Each device made is chosen and completely customized for each patient’s needs. We use a variety of labs to ensure that each patient’s treatment is optimized in the most effective and comfortable way.


Here are just a few of the devices and services we provide.


3D Technology

We now offer digital impressions using the latest in 3D scanning technology for more accurate models and a comfortable experience.


Respire Pink

This Medicare approved device by Respire Medical, offers a  warm ergonomic design offers simple adjustment with the Herbst telescopic hardware. It allows for lateral and vertical movement so you don’t feel locked in. It also makes this device suitable for a patient who grinds during the night.

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Respire Blue

The Respire Blue Series is a “dorsal fin” design. It is unique in that the top and bottom jaws are not anchored together. This allows patients to open and close while wearing the appliance. The appliance is open in the front to add comfort by increasing the tongue space allowing the patient to inhale and exhale more air per breath. It can also be made with a softer layer on the tooth surface to add more comfort.

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The TAP appliance works with a hook mechanism attached to the upper tray that fits into a socket attached to the lower tray and positions the lower jaw forward. This simple design allows for more tongue room and lateral movements. It’s great for people who roll onto their backs while sleeping.

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Compliance Tracking

One of the biggest concerns with oral appliance therapy has been that compliance could not be measured. We had no way of knowing if a patient was actually wearing this life-saving device. This is also an issue with certain professions, such as pilots and drivers, where compliance monitoring is mandatory. That all changed when SomnoMed started incorporating the DentiTrac™ compliance recorder into their devices. SomnoDent with compliance recorder is designed to specially address the need for objective compliance measurement when using oral devices to treat obstructive sleep apnea.

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Narval™ CC by ResMed is one of the smallest and lightest oral appliances on the market. Narval CC is designed to be discreet, comfortable and effective. Crafted from a lightweight, flexible and metal-free biocompatible material, unlike any other oral appliance, this specially designed device allows for the freedom and flexibility to talk and drink.

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