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Discover the Comfort of a Custom-Fit Oral Appliance

a comfortable and effective alternative to CPAP

Are you a veteran struggling with CPAP discomfort? You're not alone. Many CPAP users are turning to oral appliances as a more comfortable alternative. And if you're eligible for VA benefits, you can get a custom-fit oral appliance through your VA health care system.

Benefits of Oral Appliances:

  • Comfortable fit

  • Easy to travel with

  • Quiet

  • No need for electricity or batteries

To be eligible for a custom-fit oral appliance through VA benefits, you must have a sleep apnea diagnosis and be enrolled in the VA health care system. Contact us to find out if you're eligible.

Schedule Your Appointment: "Get started with a custom-fit oral appliance today. Fill out our online form to schedule an appointment for a custom fitting."

Disclaimer: "VA benefits vary depending on your specific circumstances. We recommend contacting the VA directly to confirm your eligibility for a custom-fit oral appliance."

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